Private detective agency in Ukraine - dating scams Detection and Prevention

Welcome to UAdetective Agency!

Dear Sirs! Our detective agency UaDetective will help you solve the problems which you have been subjected to in Ukraine and Russia. We will also represent you in all state and private organizations on the territory of former Soviet Union. We are personally guarantee the decency and the privacy of our service.
                                                                                         UAdetective Team

What We Do?

Fraud becomes the usual phenomenon in virtual relations. The man, visiting sites of marriage agencies in Ukraine or Russia, starts to correspond with the woman who has involved with his beauty, mind, feminity. Everything started from romantic letters, usually comes to an end swindle and remittance in uncertainty - to the criminal who is dared do this above you. Why so happens? It is possible to explain behavior of the naive person easily, he wants to think, that him do not deceive. In case of swindle, it is usual all available information at the swindler injured of actions will consist of several photos and a name. Whether really the person in a photo what has received "financial help"? Whether really the person with whom you have AFFAIRS such how he describes himself??? Our agency helps to people all over the world not to be scammed by ukrainian and russian scammers.

Who we are?

A few words about me (founder of the UAdetective) -
I am former police officer with law education. I have got my practice and experience in criminal police work - 10 years, Marketing and research - 5 years, Anti-scam investigations - 16 years. For the period of my work in another ukrainian detective agencies, that is since february, 2001 i have got large experience in Antiscam investigations, and the certain list of services was developed by me personally. And at january 2018 i bought website and decide to open Anti-Fraud detective agency, specialized in dating scam detection and prevention only. Earlier this website was belongs to another people, who do the same work but was not succesful and was closed. We provide services such Fraud detection and prevention, Anti-scam investigations, background and Scam check, Identity check, Photo verification, Internet activity check, scammers search, Legal services, business investigation, performance by the guarantor at the conclusion of the international transactions, personal protection on ukrainian territory, consultations on safety, search of people and gathering of the information, performance by the authorized representative.

My Agency UaDetective will help you to find confidence of your online communication, to save your money and to reject all doubts, which at you can appear during conducting, has put with the partner during correspondence.

Why Do You Need It?

The information always gives a key to a victory. Having received it, the person has advantage before others and can use this opportunity to win. Agency UaDetective wants to help you to be self-assured. It is much easier to prevent fraud, than to regret then for losses. Do not wait when you will see, that there is something suspicious in your relations.

Be initiative, and do not let doubts to destroy your feelings. Insure yourselves (your heart, feelings, and money) from fraud you have the right to check up all! Do not allow harm to play and spoil your life. Do not repeat a mistake of others; be convinced of your partner!

Where We Do It?

UaDetective Agency's main office at present time is situated in Chernomorsk Ukraine (488 km out of Kiev), which lays in the southern part of Ukraine - a former Soviet Union republic, having got its independence in 1991. Before our office was in Lugansk, famous for its hospitality and traditions. But after the change the owner of the agency our HQ is situated in Chernomorsk and we are operate through all Ukrainian territory and overseas.


About scam

What is Dating Scam?
Dating scam is an illegal activity performed either by a person (called as a scam, a scammer, or a scam artist), or a group of people, or a fraudulent marriage agency with a purpose to get someone's money.

Means of Scam
- A scammer gives her own photos, name and address.
- A scammer/scammers give/s own name and address.
  but photos belong to other person.
- A scammer/scammers give/s neither name, nor address.
  nor photos of her/their own, but use them.

Common Scheme of Scam
- Writing a long and lovely letters adding pictures.
- A financial problem appears (someone's illness, a tragic
  accident, high prices either for study or Internet or visa or
  tickets, etc).
- Plea for help.
- Money transfer details (usually Western Union, Money
  Gram, rarely a bank account).
- A person disappears with money.

How Can You Find Out a Scammer?
- Use UaDetective Agency background check.
- Go to different blacklists/antiscam programs.
- Write to the same person from different e-mail boxes.
- Ask for photos with relatives.
- Ask for address and phone number.
- Send flowers and ask the flower delivery company to
  make a photo of a lady with your bouquet.
- Visit a person you are writing to first before inviting her to
  visit you.
- Write that you were scammed before.
- Check top models or female singers websites.

So, if anyone need our help, we will be happy to help you anytime!